Recessed Access Doors for Tile

The JL Industries CT series access door has a recessed door and trimless frame which is designed for tile applications. A covering of acoustical tile or drywall can be inserted into the recessed door panels with exposure of only the narrow frame edges. Acoustical tile or drywall up to 1/2” thick is accommodated by the recessed panel. Attach the tile to the door with adhesive and ensure that it is flush with adjoining tile field.

  • Door: 16 ga. steel, recessed to accept 1/2" insert, with continuous hinge
  • Trim: 14 ga. steel
  • Finish: White powder coat paint
  • Optional Finish: Galvanized steel
  • Latches: Flush screwdriver-operated cam
  • Additional lock options (see spec)
  • Wall or ceiling applications