Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing Valve

Our pilot operated pressure reducing valves are designed specifically for Fire Suppression Systems to reduce high inlet pressures to a safe and stable outlet pressure. The pilot assembly reacts to changes in downstream pressure allowing the main valve to modulate between the closed and open position insuring a constant downstream set pressure. Once the downstream pressure reaches the pilot setting, the main valve will seal shut preventing damage downstream. Pressure regulation is not dependent upon flow rate, resulting in minimal pressure loss through the valve. 

  • U/L Listed
  • Red epoxy coated internally and externally for corrosion protection
  • Angle and Straight body options
  • Grooved and flanged (150# and 300#) options range from 1½" - 10"
  • Threaded options include, 1¼" - 3"
  • Inlet rating 300PSI (250 PSI for 150# flange option)