Flush Inlet Fire Dept Connection

Flush Inlet Fire Department Connections (FDCs) are designed for flush / concealed installation on the exterior wall of a building. The FDC body is concealed behind the wall, leaving only the wall plate, snoots, and plugs visible. They are used by the fire department to supply additional water to the buildings fire protection system.

  • Each inlet rated at 250 GPM
  • Horizontal & vertical (Suffix 'V') configurations 
  • 2-Way option only comes in horizontal configuration
  • Standard Finish: Cast Brass 
  • Optional Finish: Polished Brass (Suffix 'PB'), Polished Chrome (Suffix 'PC')
  • Lettering options: Auto-Spkr (suffix 'A'), Standpipe (suffix 'S'), Dry Standpipe (suffix 'DS'), Standpipe & Auto (suffix 'SA')

2-way Standard Equipment:  Units are equipped with a brass clappered concealed FDC body, wall plate, 2½" F NPT x 2½" F Swivel NST snoots, and 2½" plugs.

3-way, 4-way, and 6-way Standard Equipment:  Units are equipped with a schedule 40 steel concealed FDC body that have 3” grooved inlets, wall plate, 3” F NPT x 2½” F swivel NST clappered snoots, and 2½” plugs.