NRS Gate Valve

Our NRS (non-rising stem) gate valves are used primarily to control water flow in sprinkler systems. They come equipped with a 2" operating nut or optional handwheel (customer's request).

  • UL Listed
  • FM Approved
  • 300 PSI rated
  • 2" operating nut or optional handwheel at customer's request
  • flange x flange
  • MJ x MJ (mechanical joint)
  • flange x MJ (mechanical joint)
Part Number Size Notes
NRS4L-FF 4" flange x 4" flange flange x flange
NRS6L-FF 6" flange x 6" flange flange x flange
NRS8L-FF 8" flange x 8" flange flange x flange
NRS10L-FF 10" flange x 10" flange flange x flange
NRS12L-FF 12" flange x 12" flange flange x flange
NRS4L-MJ 4" MJ x 4" MJ MJ x MJ
NRS6L-MJ 6" MJ x 6" MJ MJ x MJ
NRS8L-MJ 8" MJ x 8" MJ MJ x MJ
NRS10L-MJ 10" MJ x 10" MJ MJ x MJ
NRS12L-MJ 12" MJ x 12" MJ MJ x MJ
NRS4L-FMJ 4" flange x 4" MJ flange x MJ
NRS6L-FMJ 6" flange x 6" MJ flange x MJ
NRS8L-FMJ 8" flange x 8" MJ flange x MJ
NRS10L-FMJ 10" flange x 10" MJ flange x MJ
NRS12L-FMJ 12" flange x 12" MJ flange x MJ