LDH - Rubber Covered

Rubber covered LDH (large diameter hose) hose is manufactured in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, current edition.  The nitrile construction can pack wet and is mildew resistent.  Rubber covered LDH hose is are typically equipped with storz couplings enabling them to be to connected to storz-ready fire hydrants or fire engines.  

Rubber covered LDH hose is typically used for municipal attack line, relay pumping, master stream appliance, crash/fire rescue, and high rise pumping.

  • Reinforcement: 100% circular woven synthetic twill weave
  • Ribbed nitrile cover, ultra smooth nitrile rubber liner
  • 4" variety = 250 PSI service pressure - 500 PSI test pressure
  • 5" variety = 225 PSI service pressure - 450 PSI test pressure
  • Standard color: Red or Yellow  
  • Additional colors also available
  • Equipped with storz couplings.
  • Threaded couplings also available