Wheeled Extinguishers

Wheeled fire extinguishers have your large-scale fire protection needs protected. Available in Dry Chemical (ABC), Halotron (ABC), and Carbon Dioxide (BC) varieties with different size options as well.

Designed for one man operation, these units are easily transportable through doorways and over rough terrain.  All models are rechargeable and meet applicable UL requirements. Certain models have US Coast Guard Approval. 

  • Class A - Ordinary combustibles:  wood, paper, rubber, fabrics, and many plastics
  • Class B - Flammable liquids & gases:  gasoline, oils, paint, lacquer and tar
  • Class C - Fires involving live electrical equipment
Part Number Size Configuration Notes
EXT50ABCW 50 lbs. Wheeled Dry Chemical - ABC
EXT125ABCW 125 lbs. Wheeled Dry Chemical - ABC
EXT65HALW 65 lbs. Wheeled Halotron
EXT150HALW 150 lbs. Wheeled Halotron
EXT50CO2W 50 lbs. Wheeled Carbon Dioxide
EXT100CO2W 100 lbs. Wheeled Carbon Dioxide