Plastic Fog Nozzles

Plastic fog nozzles are for use up to 100PSI.   They are constructed of polycarbonate and precision molded from the latest developments in the industry. These fog nozzles are ideal for industrial and commercial applications, as well as small fire companies.

  • 4-5/8" height for ¾" - 1½" nozzles
  • 5-3/8" height for 2" nozzle
  • 9" height for 2½" nozzle
  • Color: Red
  • Standard threads:  NST (hose thread) or NPSH (pipe thread)
  • Special thread specs are also available
Part Number Size Configuration Finish Notes
157534GH ¾" GH Red Plastic 8 GPM
15751NST 1" NST Red Plastic 22 GPM
15751NPSH 1" NPSH Red Plastic 22 GPM
1575NST 1½" NST Red Plastic 75 GPM
1575NPSH 1½" NPSH Red Plastic 75 GPM
15752NPSH 2" NPSH Red Plastic 108 GPM
157525NST 2½" NST. Comes w/ handles Red Plastic 150 GPM