Forestry Hose

Forestry fire hose is manufactured to meet specification 187, meets USDA FSS 5100-187 Type II.  Forestry fire hose is extremely lightweight by design so that it can be easily transported via backpack or by hand for long distances over steep or rough terrain and forest conditions.

Forestry fire hose is typically used for brush, grass, wildland applications, portable pumps, heavy duty pumps, tank trucks and forestry fires.

  • Jacket:  100% polyester yarn with filament polyester filler yarns
  • Liner:  Extruded thermo-polyurethane, compounded to resist ozone
  • 300 PSI service pressure - 600 PSI test pressure
  • Standard color: Yellow or White.
  • Standard coupling material: Aluminum.  
  • Standard coupling thread spec:  NST (hose thread)