LDH - Double Jacket

Double jacket LDH (large diameter hose) hose is manufactured in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, current edition.  The double jacket polyester construction is mildew & rot-proof.  Double jacket LDH hose are typically equipped with storz couplings enabling them to be to connected to storz-ready fire hydrants or fire engines.  

Double jacket LDH hose is used for municipal and rural water supply, relay pumping, master stream appliance, crash/fire rescue, industrail fire fighting, potable water transfer, and shorter lengths are frequently used as a soft suction hose.

  • Inner and outer jacket is 100% high tenacity polyester
  • Liner is a specially developed TPU elastomer
  • 300 PSI service pressure - 600 PSI test pressure
  • Standard color: White, Yellow, or Red  
  • Additional colors also available
  • Equipped with storz couplings.  
  • Threaded couplings also available