Wall Plates - Round

Round wall plates are used in conjunction with free standing and exposed fire department connections to help fire personnel identify what type of fire department connection it is. Wall plates are also used to dress up wall space where fire department connections are typically mounted.

  • Round plate finish options: Rough brass (suffix 'RB'), polished chrome (suffix 'PC'), and red aluminum (suffix 'AL')
  • Lettering options: Auto-Spkr (suffix 'A'), Standpipe (suffix 'S'), Dry Standpipe (suffix 'DS'), Standpipe & Auto (suffix 'SA'), Hydrant (suffix 'H'), Fire Pump Test (suffix 'PT'), and Backflow Test (suffix 'BT')
  • Custom Lettering available upon request
Part Number Size Finish Branding
24209-25RBA 2½" Rough Brass Auto Spkr
590F-4RBA 4" Rough Brass Auto Spkr
590F-6RBA 6" Rough Brass Auto Spkr
590-8RBA 8" Rough Brass Auto Spkr
590F-4RBSA 4" Rough Brass Standpipe & Auto Spkr
590F-6RBSA 6" Rough Brass Standpipe & Auto Spkr
590-8RBSA 8" Rough Brass Standpipe & Auto Spkr
590F-4RBS 4" Rough Brass Standpipe
590F-6RBS 6" Rough Brass Standpipe
590-8RBS 8" Rough Brass Standpipe
590F-4RBDS 4" Rough Brass Dry Standpipe
590F-6RBDS 6" Rough Brass Dry Standpipe
590F-4RBH 4" Rough Brass Hydrant
590F-6RBH 6" Rough Brass Hydrant
590F-4RBPT 4" Rough Brass Fire Pump Test
590F-6RBPT 6" Rough Brass Fire Pump Test
590-8RBPT 8" Rough Brass Fire Pump Test
590F-4RBBT 4" Rough Brass Backflow Test
590F-6RBBT 6" Rough Brass Backflow Test