Exposed Wall Hydrant Connection

Wall hydrant connections are designed for use as a hydrant, roof manifold, or test header. 

When used as a hydrant or roof manifold, it acts as an auxiliary outlet connection for use by the fire department.

When used as a test header, it provides a way to flow test a fire pump or backflow preventer.

  • Each outlet rated at 250 GPM
  • Standard Finish: Cast Brass 
  • Brass escutcheon lettering options: Hydrant (suffix 'H'), Fire Pump Test (suffix 'PT'), Backflow Test (suffix 'BT')
  • Red Aluminum escutcheon lettering options:  Hydrant (suffix 'ALH'), Fire Pump Test (suffix 'ALPT'), Backflow Test (suffix 'BT')

Standard Equipment:  Units are equipped with a brass exposed outlet body, wall plate, and 2½" caps.