Fire hose nozzles play an important part in firefighting tactics. These types of nozzles are very versatile and can accommodate different sizes of fire hose and fire streams. They can be used for protection and for fire attack. When given the appropriate nozzle pressure and water supply, they are effective for any fire ground situation.

A fog nozzle is a firefighting hose spray nozzle that breaks the water that flows through it into tiny droplets of water. The theory is that small droplets of water create more surface area than a solid stream created by a smooth bore nozzle. The water absorbs the heat, turns into steam, and displaces the oxygen, smothering the fire. With the increase of surface area, this job is done quicker. 

  • GH = Garden Hose Thread
  • NST or NH = Fire Hose Thread
  • NPSH = Straight Pipe Thread