Upright Sprinkler Heads

Globe upright sprinklers are a low profile yet durable design, which utilizes a frangible glass ampule as the thermosensitive element.  While the upright sprinkler head provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance, it can be installed wherever standard spray sprinklers are specified when allowed by the applicable standards.

It offers the additional feature of greatly increased safety to life and is available in various styles, orifices, temperature ratings and finishes to meet many varying design requirements.

  • UL Listed & FM Approved
  • Available in quick response and standard response varieties
  • Finish Options: Brass (suffix '01'), Chrome (suffix '02'), White (suffix '03'), Black (suffix '04')
  • Variouis degree ratings
  • ½" heads = 2-1/4" length
  • ¾" heads = 2-7/16" length
Part Number Size Configuration Notes
GL2815 ½" Quick Response 2.8 K-Factor
GL4215 ½" Quick Response 4.2 K-Factor
GL5615 ½" Quick Response 5.6 K-Factor
GL8115 ½" Quick Response 8.0 K-Factor
GL8118 ¾" Quick Response 8.0 K-Factor
GL2861 ½" Standard Response 2.8 K-Factor
GL4261 ½" Standard Response 4.2 K-Factor
GL5661 ½" Standard Response 5.6 K-Factor
GL8161 ½" Standard Response 8.0 K-Factor
GL8164 ¾" Standard Response 8.0 K-Factor