What You Need to Know About Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are handheld devices that are used to put out various types of fires using foam, powder or other non-flammable substances. A fire needs fuel, heat, and oxygen to thrive. Fire extinguishers are designed to eliminate one or more of these vital elements. When a fire extinguisher is used to control one or eliminate any of the needed elements, the fire begins to dwindle and will eventually go out.

Fire Alarm System: Test and Maintenance Guide

Fire alarm systems are installed to save people, property, and assets from any unforeseen fire accident. But mere installation of a fire alarm system is not enough to prevent hazardous accidents and ensure safety. Just like any other machinery or electrical equipment, we can’t be sure whether they are fully functional or not. Therefore, the fire alarm systems and smoke detectors need to be tested at a regular interval. Dust, dirt and other environmental contaminants can hinder their components and mechanism.

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