Dry Pipe Valves

Globe Fire Sprinkler RCW water control valves can be used in dry, preaction, and deluge applications. The RCW's compact design makes it lighter and shorter in size than another other comparable valve on the market. This makes installation much more efficient. The RCW's double-seat design means no additional check valve is required.

  • UL Listed & FM Approved
  • Ductile Iron
  • 300 PSI Rated
  • External reset knob
  • 4" & 6" grooved options available
  • Available with or without butterfly valve
  • Multiple factory trimmed options available
Part Number Size Trim
RCW317400 4" Valve only
RCW317448 4" Dry System - No accelerator
RCW317448-LP 4" Dry System - With low pressure actuator
RCW317449 4" Dry System - With accelerator
RCW317449-LP 4" Dry System - With accelerator & low press. actuator
RCW317430 4" Deluge System - Electric actuation
RCW317437 4" Deluge System - Dry pilot actuation
RCW317438 4" Deluge System - Wet pilot actuation
RCW317440 4" Single Interlock - Electric actuation
RCW317439 4" Single Interlock - Dry pilot actuation
RCW317442 4" Single Interlock - Wet pilot actuation
RCW317443 4" Double Interlock - Electric actuation
RCW317441 4" Double Interlock - Pneumatic actuation
RCW317366 4" Non Interlock - Electric actuation