Fire Rated Extinguisher Cabinet

Our fire rated option for extinguisher cabinets is designed to specifically maintain the integrity of one and two hour fire walls with all of our recessed, semi-recessed, and trimless cabinets. Underwriters Laboratories and Warnock-Hersey have certified and listed them in accordance with ANSI/UL-1479, ASTM E-814, and ULC/Can S115 for membrane and penetration firestops. The fire rated option assures the specifier that life safety codes will be maintained and by eliminating the need to continue the fire wall within the rough opening, saves the installer considerable time and expense.

  • Finishes include steel (white baked enamel), anodized aluminum (Suffix 'AL'), and #4 stainless steel (Suffix 'SS')
  • All extinguisher cabinets include standard pull handle hardware
  • Multiple door styles available:
  1. Full Glazing (with various options for glazing style)

  2.  Solid

  3.  Horizontal Duo

  4.  Vertical Duo

  • Miscellaneous options:  Decals, die cut lettering, lockable doors, special colors for steel finish