Fire Hose Cabinet

Fire hose cabinets come in, recessed, semi-recessed, surface mounted, and trimless varieties. The standard door and trim material is steel, and optional materials include both aluminum and stainless steel. All doors are ½" thick. All have a turn handle; and continuous piano hinge constructed of material which matches the door and trim.

Fire hose cabinets are designed to mainly hold hose rack units, however, some models have the ability to hold a 2½" valve or extinguisher or both.

  • Finishes include steel (white baked enamel), anodized aluminum (Suffix 'AL'), and #4 stainless steel (Suffix 'SS')
  • All fire hose cabinets include standard turn handle hardware
  • Multiple full panel door styles available:
  1. Clear acrylic (Suffix 'G')

  2.  Clear tempered glass (Suffix 'TG')

  3.  Solid door (Suffix 'SD')

  4.  Vertical or Horizontal duo doors also available

  • Miscellaneous options:  Decals, lockable doors, special colors for steel finish